Should the Orioles be Interested in Emilio Bonifacio?

You hear all sorts of things as the trade deadline approaches. Yesterday, shortly after the Cleveland Indians traded RHP Justin Masterson to the Cardinals (therefore making THIS post completely obsolete after being on the internet for 9 hours), there was word that the Orioles were interested in Chicago Cubs second baseman Emilio Bonifacio. If this is true, I’m not sure why they would be interested. And since this is my third straight post in as many days, I’m going to be lazy and explain why by inserting some of my own tweets from yesterday.

So no, I don’t think they should be interested. Having said that, part of me does want the team to trade for him, just so I can continually use the “and I was like…EMILIO!!!” line for the rest of the season.

On a final and (somewhat sad) note, according to Dan Connelly of the Baltimore Sun, Bonifacio to the Orioles is not going to happen.

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