Minor League Recap: August 18-August 24

I apologize for this version of the weekly minor league update being late, but I was busy…like REALLY busy. The minor league season is coming to an end next week (which may or may not be good news), so there will only be one more installment of the weekly minor league recap after this one.

What was the big story last week? Of course it was the Manny Machado knee injury and the revelation that Machado would miss the rest of the season because of it. The injury is in the opposite knee from the one he injured last year, and isn’t considered to be as serious, as Machado is expected to be 100% ready to go by the start of spring training. The other positive aspect to this development was reported by Tim Brown of Yahoo Sports.

The negative aspect of this is obviously that Machado will miss the rest of the season, in a year where the Orioles look like they are running (ok, jogging) away with the AL East title. This shouldn’t impact them in their quest to make the playoffs (due to their already sizeable lead), but make no mistake that they are a weaker team without Machado. On defense, this goes without saying, but this applies offensively as well as Machado has hit extremely well after a slow start, as you can see below.

May 27 119 .220 .271 .284 50
June 27 113 .260 .313 .462 104
July 17 73 .333 .356 .565 141
August 11 49 .378 .429 .511 151
Provided by Baseball-Reference.com: View Original Table
Generated 8/28/2014.

With Machado out, the team has mostly been using Chris Davis at the hot corner, with Ryan Flaherty as a defensive replacement. Expect that to continue the rest of the year with some minor leaguers’ filling in as well from time to time once the roster expands.

In other news, the Arizona Fall League rosters for 2014 have been announced, with 7 minor leaguers from the Baltimore organization being selected to play in the (generally) prospect heavy league (although that’s usually more true for hitters). The Baltimore players’ named were RHP Parker Bridwell, RHP Zach Davies, RHP Mychal Givens, LHP Ashur Tolliver, C Michael Ohlman, 3B Jason Esposito, and OF Dariel Alvarez. They’ll be playing for the Glendale Desert Dogs, beginning October 7.

Weekly Summary

Norfolk (AAA): 2-4 (W-L), 20 RS, 26 RA

Bowie (AA): 3-3, 17 RS, 23 RA

Frederick (High-A): 2-4, 20 RS, 31 RA

The Good:


Norfolk (AAA): OF Dariel Alvarez – 9/22 (H/AB), 2 2B’s, 1 HR, 3 BB, 3 SO’s

Alvarez goes back to back in this category with an even better week than the one he previously had by adding a home run and a couple more walks while cutting down his strikeouts.

Bowie (AA): 3B Niuman Romero – 6/20, 4 2B’s, 4 BB’s, 2 SO’s

Niuman Romero keeps on doin’ what Niuman Romero does best.

Frederick (High-A): OF John Ruettiger – 10/26, 1 2B, 0 BB’s, 2 SO’s

I hate picking Ruettiger here based on a bunch of singles and no walks, but no one else really hit the ball well last week. Brenden Webb gets an honorable mention by hitting 2 home runs and a triple, but not much else.


Norfolk (AAA): RHP Mike Wright – 8.2 IP, 1 H, 0 R, 11 SO’s, 3 BB’s

Talk about finishing the season strong. We touched on how well Wright has been pitching in this space last week, and he proceeded to go out and have arguably his best outing of the year. See for yourself, via twitter!

Wright’s near no-hitter was even enough to get him International League Pitcher of the Week, so he’s got that going for him…which is nice.

Bowie (AA): RHP Oliver Drake – 2.1 IP, 0 H, 0 R, 4 SO’s, 0 BB

Drake pitched 2.1 innings of perfect baseball, throwing in 4 strikeouts to boot! Other than that, there were some pretty good pitching performances in Bowie, but no one stood out more than Drake.

Frederick (High-A): RHP Mark Blackmar – 7 IP, 4 H, 3 R, 7 SO’s, 0 BB’s, 1 HR

The staff at Frederick walked as many people as they struck out last week, so I decided to give this spot to the guy who struck out the most batters without allowing a single walk.

The Bad:


Norfolk (AAA): 1B Christian Walker – 2/23, 1 2B, 1 BB, 12 SO’s

Walker has cooled off considerably in the last 2 weeks, after arriving in AAA just as hot as he was when he left Bowie. This past week was especially bad, as he not only didn’t get many hits (or walks), but he headed straight back to the dugout in half of his plate appearances.

Bowie (AA): OF Ronald Bermudez – 2/19, 0 BB’s, 5 SO’s

This is a bad line for a week, but it’s not the worst…

Frederick (High-A): SS Adrian Marin – 0/19, 1 BB, 7 SO’s

I’m not going to comment on this.


Norfolk (AAA): RHP Robert Coello – 3.1 IP, 2 H, 3 R, 1 SO, 6 BB’s, 1 HR’s

Six walks in 3.1 innings. I think I’m done here.

Bowie (AA): LHP Nick Additon – 12.1 IP, 10 H, 3 R, 9 SO’s, 6 BB’s, 1 HR

I hate to pick Additon here because from a results standpoint, he didn’t have a bad week. But from a process standpoint, it wasn’t all that pretty. He allowed 16 runners in just over 12 innings, including a home run, which I’m assuming came with only one man on base (2 at the most!). I’m also assuming he got pretty lucky last week. Also, no one else (outside of the terrible 0.2 innings pitched by Mychal Givens) pitched all that badly.

Frederick (High-A): RHP Parker Bridwell – 2 IP, 3 H, 5 R, 2 SO, 5 BB’s, 1 HR

Have I mentioned that Bridwell was selected to pitch in the Arizona Fall League?


8/18/2014 RHP Jesse Beal (High-A) placed on 7-day DL
8/19/2014 RHP Matt Price (High-A) activated from DL
8/19/2014 C Steel Russell (High-A) activated from DL
8/19/2014 C Pedro Perez (High-A) placed on 7-day DL
8/20/2014 RHP Bobby Bundy (AA) sent to Low-A on rehab assignment
8/20/2014 LHP Tim Berry (AA) placed on 7-day DL
8/20/2014 RHP Branden Kline promoted to AA
8/21/2014 LHP Steven Brault promoted to High-A
8/22/2014 2B Jemile Weeks (AAA) activated from DL
8/22/2014 LHP Ashur Tolliver placed on 7-day DL
8/22/2014 RHP Dylan Rheault promoted to High-A
8/22/2014 RHP Jason McCracken (High-A) sent to GCL on rehab assignment
8/22/2014 RHP Gene Escat promoted to AA
8/23/2014 SS Sammie Starr (AA) activated from DL
8/24/2014 RHP Miguel Gonzalez recalled to MLB

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