2014 Playoff Predictions

Last year when I made playoff predictions, I did so while including a blurb explaining why I thought that particular team would go on to be victorious. This year, I’m planning on doing things a little bit differently. I’ll give my picks here (so you can look at it and make fun of me for being wrong later), then I’ll (hopefully) provide a series preview in separate posts that do a little more explaining. So, here are my picks, but who the hell knows what will happen!

AL Wild Card Game

Kansas City defeats Oakland

NL Wild Card Game

San Francisco defeats Pittsburgh

AL Division Series

Baltimore defeats Detroit in 5 games

Los Angeles defeats Kansas City in 4 games

NL Division Series

Los Angeles defeats St. Louis in 3 games

Washington defeats San Francisco in 4 games

AL Championship Series

Baltimore defeats Los Angeles in 6 games

NL Championship Series

Washington defeats Los Angeles in 7 games

World Series

Washington defeats Baltimore in 6 games

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  1. […] that the Dodgers would be able to go straight to Jansen or not even need the bullpen at all. In my Playoff Predictions, I picked the Dodgers to sweep the Cardinals. That may have been a little aggressive, but I think […]

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