How Orioles Pitching Can Limit Eric Hosmer in the ALCS

Starting tonight, the Baltimore Orioles and the Kansas City Royals will meet in the American League Championship Series (I have a series preview up here).  It will be the first time that either team has made it that far in the postseason since 1983 (Orioles) and 1985 (Royals).  Both team’s have been great stories this year, but someone’s magical season is going to end here.  The Orioles will have to do a number of things to be successful in this series, and one of them will be for the pitching staff to limit the damage produced by Eric Hosmer‘s bat.  He’s hitting .500/.632/1.143 in 4 playoff games and is a big reason as to why their offense has been so potent in the postseason.  Today at ESPN Sweetspot Network Orioles blog Camden Depot, I examine how the Baltimore pitching staff can slow him down.

Direct Link to Article –> How Orioles Pitching Can Limit Eric Hosmer in the ALCS

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