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2014 American League Division Series Preview: Detroit vs. Baltimore

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We’ve made it to the American League Divisional round after one of the most exciting playoff games in recent memory. Now it’s time for the series that you probably care about the most, as the Orioles take on the Tigers. This preview will be the same general overview I provided for the Wild Card games. For a more detailed preview, head over to ESPN Sweetspot Network blogs for the Orioles (Camden Depot) and Tigers (Walkoff Woodward), where Pat Holden of Camden Depot and Grey Papke of Walkoff Woodward hold a Q&A with each other about the series. Continue reading

2014 National League Wild Card Preview

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With one wild card game finished, we have one to go. This time it’s the Pittsburgh Pirates hosting the San Francisco Giants for the right to move on to the Divisional Series and face the NL best Washington Nationals. I’ve already stated my love for the wild card games, and while we don’t quite have the marquis pitching matchup featured in the AL game yesterday, we should be in store for another exciting game. Continue reading