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Do the Orioles Hitters Have a Home Run Problem?

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The Orioles offense has struggled mightily in the month of September, and recently there has been talk that one of the problems with their offense is that it relies too much on the home run.  Today, I have a post over on the ESPN Sweetspot Network Orioles blog, Camden Depot that takes a look at whether the Orioles hit too many home runs, which when you read it out loud, sounds pretty absurd.

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Are the Orioles Playoff Chances Dead?

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I have a post up this morning on the ESPN Sweetspot Network Orioles blog, Camden Depot taking a look at the current AL wild card standings and the chances for the Orioles to make the playoffs.  Even though the Orioles won last night to pull just one game behind Texas for the second wild card spot, their playoff percentage (as determined by ESPN) only sits at 17.2%.  But should they be higher than that?

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Life in the Minors: A Home Away from Home

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Have you ever wondered what it would be like to have a professional baseball player live with you during the season?  If so, I have a post up on the Orioles ESPN Sweetspot Network blog, Camden Depot today that takes a look at Mel and Barbara Roberts, a Maryland couple who have been hosting Bowie Baysox players during the minor league season for the last 13 years.  They were kind enough to chat with me about their experience during a Baysox game earlier this year.  Head on over to Camden Depot and check out their story.

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Pitching Under Pressure

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The following post was written by Doug Nickerson, who is a frequent contributor at Orioles Proving Ground.  

As a continuation of my previous post on the Orioles’ ability to handle pressure, I am now diving into the pitching staff.  I wanted to determine which pitcher had consistently been able to succeed when the game was on the line.  Some starters are able to rise to the occasion and match the opposing pitcher shutout inning for shutout inning in a game that is a must win.  Sometimes that same pitcher is spotted a big lead, then slowly lets the other team right back into the game and then miraculously turns it around to pitch better when the game gets closer.

Unlike hitters, where OBP generally encompasses a batter’s ability to keep the inning rolling and scoring runs, I had a hard time finding one stat that would be the equivalent for a pitcher.  Inherent in all pitching statistics is the variability element of the fielding behind the pitcher.  With a poor fielding team behind him, the pitcher might react more stressed than if he knows he can trust his defense to make the plays.   This led me to having difficulty in selecting which statistic to compare the pitchers in high, medium, and low leverage situations.  Ultimately, I had to decide on reviewing multiple factors depending on the type of pitcher (starter vs. reliever).  For starters I looked at ERA, while for relievers I also factored in the percent of inherited runners that scored, since part of the relievers role is to bailout the starter and finish the inning without allowing any runs. Continue reading

Minor League Recap: August 26-Spetember 2

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Welcome to the second and final installment of the Minor League Recap for the 2013 season, coming to you a day later than normal to include the final game, which was played on September 2.  None of these teams advanced to their respective league’s playoffs, so their seasons are no over.  Maybe next week I’ll attempt to do a full season minor league recap for Norfolk, Bowie, and Frederick, but then again, maybe I won’t.  As always, the following is based on performance only, and is not to be considered a list of prospects.

Weekly Summary

Norfolk (AAA): 6-3 (W-L), 34 RS, 27 RA

Bowie (AA): 4-5, 51 RS, 33 RA

Frederick (High-A): 4-5, 40 RS, 52 RA Continue reading

A Quick Hit on the Mike Morse Trade

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After reportedly claiming every available batter that was put on revocable waivers during the month of August, the Orioles finally were able to acquire one of them, by trading minor league outfielder Xavier Avery to the Seattle Mariners for DH/LF Mike Morse.  In theory, the Orioles receive a much needed upgrade at the DH position for the price of a speedy/athletic outfield quasi-prospect who has never really hit much at any level of the minor leagues.

Morse is viewed as a slugging DH/outfielder and was considered one of the Mariners big acquisitions during the off-season in an attempt to add power to their lineup.  Continue reading