Orioles Pull Off a Confusing Trade With the Dodgers

Yesterday, the Orioles made a very unsurprising trade with the Dodgers, sending the recently designated for assignment Ryan Webb and minor league catcher Brian Ward to Los Angeles for minor league catcher Chris O’Brien and right-handed pitcher Ben Rowen.  The Orioles roster crunch in the bullpen meant someone had to go (we can probably expect another one to go soon too), and Webb (who for whatever reason fell out of favor with the Baltimore front office) was the odd man out.  What made this trade so confusing though was the inclusion of the Orioles 2015 Competitive Draft Pick (number 74 overall).  Today at ESPN Sweetspot Network Orioles blog Camden Depot, I take a deeper dive into this trade, trying to figure out just what the Orioles were thinking.

Direct Link to Article –> Orioles Pull Off a Confusing Trade With the Dodgers

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