The Futility of Mock Drafts: 2014

Last year I looked at the accuracy of ESPN’s Keith Law final mock draft, along with the draft simulator, which basically performed a brand new mock draft after each pick was actually taken. This year ESPN didn’t run a draft simulator so I brought in mock drafts from other experts to see how each one of them performed picking the first round of the draft. We have Keith Law of ESPN, Jonathon Mayo and Jim Callis of, and John Manuel of Baseball America. Here is a list of the results where green indicates a correct pick (click to enlarge).

MLB Draft


I gave Keith Law and John Manuel credit for both of their Toronto Blue Jays picks, as they each picked the correct players, but in the wrong order. Law picked the most correct draftees, however, all experts were fairly close to each other in the number of correct picks. No analysis here, just a fun little exercise. Hope everyone enjoyed the draft!

*Programming Note: I will be leaving for a vacation today, so no posts for the next 2 weeks. I’ll see everyone on June 23.

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