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2014 American League East Preview: New York Yankees

Posted in Offseason with tags , , on March 27, 2014 by oriolesprovingground

We’re now less than a week away from opening day of the 2014 baseball season (while that whole thing in Australia was fun, I’m not considering it the “real” opening day).  As we count down the remaining days of spring training this week, Orioles Proving Ground will be asking some of our friends to answer somewhat important questions about the Orioles American League East foes.

Today, Dave Watts tries to keep his emotions in check as he answers questions about the New York Yankees. Below are links to the teams we’ve already looked at.

Tampa Bay Rays | New York Yankees | Toronto Blue Jays | Boston Red Sox

Orioles Proving Ground: Before the season, the Yankees made a whole lot of noise about keeping their payroll underneath the luxury tax limit of $189 million, only to eventually blow past it.  At any point this offseason, did you actually believe that they would try to stay under that limit?  Why or why not?

Dave Watts: This is less a question about what I believe, and more a question of if I care or not. The answer is NO. The only baseball fans that care about the Yankees payroll are Yankees detractors. “Waaah the Yankees spend too much money, it’s not fair <insert crying emoticon here>”. Tear, tear, shut the hell up.

If the Yankees end 2014 as the winners of their 28th World Series, it won’t be with an asterisk indicating they over-shot their annual pay-roll projections. Fans won’t be having muted celebrations. The ticker tape parade through the Canyon of Heroes won’t be called off. The Yankees sports and entertainment conglomerate will still be a highly valued, highly profitable organization, and Jeter will still get laid. Case closed.

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