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Orioles Still Have a Problem Getting On Base

Posted in Offense with tags , , , , , , on April 11, 2014 by oriolesprovingground

Over the last 2 off seasons, one of the main issues the Orioles have needed to address was their lineup’s ability to get on base.  That issue wasn’t addressed before the 2013 season, as the team finished towards the bottom of the league in OBP, and was ranked dead last in BB% in the American League (ok, they weren’t DEAD last, they were tied for dead last).  While they made some newsworthy acquisitions during this past offseason, it wasn’t clear that they did anything to improve their on base skills, and two weeks into the season, it’s starting to look pretty obvious that they didn’t.  It’s very early in the season though, so do they have a chance to be a better OBP team?  I take a look at it today over on ESPN Sweetspot Network Orioles blog Camden Depot.

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Do the Orioles Hitters Have a Home Run Problem?

Posted in Offense with tags , , , on September 24, 2013 by oriolesprovingground

The Orioles offense has struggled mightily in the month of September, and recently there has been talk that one of the problems with their offense is that it relies too much on the home run.  Today, I have a post over on the ESPN Sweetspot Network Orioles blog, Camden Depot that takes a look at whether the Orioles hit too many home runs, which when you read it out loud, sounds pretty absurd.

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